For Daniel

Your heart won’t stop racing when you’re with them. They’re all you can think about. From the time you fall asleep at night til’ you wake up the next day, they’re the first thing that comes to mind. Thoughts start to cross your head about being together forever. People may think that you’re crazy because you’re falling for that person too quickly. You may even question your own emotions. “Am I really in love?”, “Maybe it’s just a crush…”, “You can’t possibly fall in love with someone that quickly.” Although, speaking from recent experience, I believe you can.

Love at first sight? Is it real? Some may argue, for a couple reasons. One being that romantic love consists not merely of attraction to ones external appearance, or sexual desire, but also knowing ones traits, such as honesty, sense of humor, intelligence, affection… etc. You can’t possibly find out such knowledge by a mere look. With you, it was just different. An attraction I had never felt before.

When we first met I remember being riveted by you. It wasn’t just your charming sarcasm or cute accent, but a part of me was drawn to you, like a bee to honey. It’s rare in life that I feel so engrossed by another human being. I knew I wanted to know more of you. So a year goes by, a handful of tweets back and forth, and I see you again. I was secretly eager to see you that cold February night and just to be in your presence. An hour passes, lots of alcohol consumed, but I clearly remember you walking up to me because I was so excited. We didn’t really talk much that night, but just seeing you made me happy. After that night we started talking more everyday, and every time your name popped up on my phone I smiled more and more.

I’ll always remember the night we watched the thunderstorm. The first night we had just to ourselves. It was a rather relaxed evening. We drank tea, vented about life, and chain smoked cigarettes on the balcony. I never felt so comfortable and imperturbable around someone so quickly in my life. The evening dwindled away as we made our way inside. It felt so natural or “right” laying next to you as we watched the lightning and listened to the thunder and heavy rain. Laying there, in your arms it felt as if all of life’s problems went away. I didn’t have a single worry in the world. That innocent night ended with our first kiss. After that moment I knew I didn’t just want you in my life, I needed you in my life. Your presence had such a positive impact upon me. Laying beside you I felt at home. And just like that, I was hooked.

Fast forward about a week and “Dan and Heather” are officially a couple. Everything just seemed the fall into place and I could feel myself falling in love with you. A little bit more each and every day. Here are some of the reasons why:

  1. You don’t just care for me, but you care for my animals as well.
  2. I couldn’t stop imagining what it would be like to wake up next to you every morning.
  3. You believe in me.
  4. I constantly wanted to impress you, but I was always enough for you – you loved me for me.
  5. Your genuine kindness may not be appreciated by everyone, but I never stop believing and loving your sincerity and how much you care about others. It’s why everyone is always drawn to you.
  6. A simple phone call from you can turn my day completely around.
  7. You’re patient with me.
  8. I get butterflies in my stomach right before I see you. Every time.
  9. You change my negative perceptions. When I’m being a bit pessimistic, you help me see the light again.
  10. You understand my sarcasm.
  11. I feel safe when I’m with you.
  12. I feel complete when we’re together.

The last 3-4 months have been some of the happiest and saddest times of my life. We’ve dealt with lots more than any “normal” new couple usually has to go through. I’m so proud of us for handling “life” and the problems it’s thrown our way with such bravery and most importantly love. Love will always conquer all, and with all the love we share we could save the world.

This is just the start to our “journey” together in life, babe. We have all the time in the world and I can’t wait to see where life takes us.

I love you so much Daniel,




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